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Our Wines

Red Wines
  1. $20
    KV Sunset (dry)
    Estate Reserve. Smooth red with full body and soft finish
  2. $15
    Twisted Oak (dry)
    Oak barrels gives this full red wine a rich feel of dark cholate and roasted coffee
  3. $11
    Lone Cedar Red (dry)
    A well balanced and full bodied wine with notes of sweet cherry *2015 Bronze Medal Winner
  4. $10
    Darke Night (semi-sweet)
    A full bodied wine with bold flavors of blackberry and lingering black cherry *2015 Silver Medal Winner
  5. $10
    Red Neck Girl (sweet)
    Soft sweet wine with lots of character and soft notes of cherry and raspberry *2015 Silver Medal Winner
White Wines
  1. $10
    Emerick Sky (dry)
    Crisp refreshing white wine with hints of citrus
  2. $10
    Riesling (semi-sweet)
    Flavorful Riesling grape with great mouth feel and smooth finish
  3. $10
    Love at First White (sweet)
    Elegant sweet white blend with bold flavors of the Niagara grape
Fruit Wines
  1. $15
    Blackberry (sweet)
    Filled with bold and lingering flavors of fresh blackberries
  2. $12
    Apple of My Eye (semi-sweet)
    Light but full bodied wine refreshing taste of crisp apple
Blush Wine
  1. $12
    Resilient (blush)
    Light semi sweet and refreshing ~ $1.00 per bottle sold goes to Epilepsy Foundation